You need to be motivated, ready, and committed to making a change. If you’re willing to trust the process, believe in yourself, and consistently put in the work, you’ll be successful. 

Yes, of course! Superbody Coaching is a virtual coaching practice. All of our communication will be done through phone, email, video, and messaging services in English or Dutch.

Once the application is filled out, I’ll be in touch to set up a discovery call. On this call, we’ll get to know each other, learn more about your goals, and discuss your nutrition and fitness history. Together, we’ll decide if the Superbody Coaching program is right for you.

Lasting change takes time and commitment, girl! I’ve learned that 6 months is an optimal amount of time for clients to learn new habits and apply them consistently.

Let me tell you, lots of changes will happen in those 6 months! After working together, you may feel ready to fly solo—or you might need more guidance. Either way, I’ll be there to help you navigate both options. 

Let’s chat. Even though I don’t promote quick fixes or a crash diets, I do love a challenge and enjoy coaching women to reach their goals. Fill out the application, tell me a little more, and I’ll be in touch.

Instead of giving you an exact meal plan, I provide you with a tailored nutrition guidance plan to help you with your food choices. However, if you need inspiration for specific meals, I will gladly help you source some delicious recipes.

Absolutely not. Superbody Coaching promotes eating fresh fruits, veggies, produce, meats and fish, but it’s totally up to you where you want to shop for your groceries. 

If you want to buy supplements or your health care professional advises you to, you may continue to do so, however Superbody Coaching doesn’t require you to purchase shakes or supplements. 

Yes, of course! We’ll make sure your nutrition plan takes your dietary restrictions into account.

No, you don’t need to go to a gym if you don’t want to. There are many ways to get an awesome workout from home. 

I won’t give you a custom workout program with daily routines, but, believe me, we’ll dive deep into improving your exercise habits. We’ll create a tailored, sustainable action plan with workout strategies that fit your lifestyle.

Superbody Coaching accepts all major credit cards, Ideal, Bancontact, and Paypal.

After our success/discovery call and we agree that we are a good fit, I will tell you more about the different payment plans and you can decide which one works best for you.

My nutrition and movement plans coaching are customized to you and with full adherence, I am confident that you will achieve the best results. However, given that I cannot be fully accountable for your compliance with my recommendations as it is outside of my control, I can’t be liable for results that don’t meet your expectations.

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Working with Mascha was a delight. She changed the way I look at food but, most importantly, she changed the way I look at myself. She helped me realize that it’s okay to love myself just as much as I love my husband and kids— that my health and wellbeing deserve to be a priority. My goal when we started working together was to lose weight because we had a wedding to attend. I did lose the weight (and have been able to keep it off), but I got so much more out of our time together than just a body that I love. I love myself and my life—and I think everyone around me likes me a little better for that.

Ellen K. 41 - Netherlands

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[Mascha] knew exactly when I was feeling down or ready to give up. She was understanding, patient, and a great listener. She never failed to give me a little boost and to help me see the little wins, which were hardly ever related to the number on the scale. She encouraged me to not give up so I would never have to “start over again”. I’m so happy I listened to her. No more crazy diets for me ever again.

Dauphine R. 46, Belgium

ever again!"

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Mascha whipped me into shape...By teaching me how to make tiny little changes to my daily diet and habits, I got incredible results. It’s been a couple of years since we worked together, but I am forever grateful for the things she taught me.

Anouk H. 49 - Spain



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[Mascha] is one big ball of energy and smiles. She made those super intense workouts fun— still a little painful, but fun. She never failed to send me off feeling amazing and ready to take on the day.

Sarah M. 39 - New York, USA

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