You’re worth so much more than another yo-yo diet

Diet culture is a whirl-wind of misinformation. It seems like every week there’s another diet trend or exercise fad promising fast results. It’s enough to give you whiplash.

The thing is, none of these “trends” get at the heart of successful weight loss and well-being. They’re impossible to maintain and leave you with nothing but a big batch of despair and guilt.

Babes, I’ve been there...

I’m Mascha

I’m a Netherlands-based health and wellness coach and croissant connoisseur.

Since 2013, I’ve been empowering independent women to take charge of their fitness journey by prying their grip from fad diets and helping them craft tailored food and movement plans.

I wasted years falling prey to fad programs and giving up the things I love most—like guilt free brunches with friends, almond croissants and, let’s be real, my sanity.

I spent 15 years globetrotting and, while it was a ton of fun, there were serious challenges. Self-confidence was not my strong suit! Constantly putting myself out there to make new friends and nail job interviews riddled me with anxiety, largely thanks to poor body image.

I often thought, “If I could just lose a couple of pounds and tighten up a bit, I’d be happier”. I had no idea there was a sustainable way to get all of the results I was after—and not just in weight loss—without sacrificing the life I love. 

Everything changed when I connected with a coach named Lois. To this day, I carry the mantra she gave me: 

“You can’t expect a temporary solution to have a permanent effect.” 

Working with a coach changed my life. Besides improvements to my appearance and performance, my confidence and desire to socialize skyrocketed. I started picking up new hobbies and setting ambitious goals. 

I became a certified fitness instructor and nutritionist so I could help other women build sustainable solutions too. 

It takes a deep understanding of your individual lifestyle and a customized tool kit.

 Today, I’m inspiring vibrant women all over the world to stop the diet cycle and create a lifestyle that’s complimentary to their individual needs. All it takes to start is the decision to do things differently.

Sustainable fitness doesn’t come from a trend.


Working with Mascha was a delight. She changed the way I look at food but, most importantly, she changed the way I look at myself. She helped me realize that it’s okay to love myself just as much as I love my husband and kids— that my health and wellbeing deserve to be a priority. My goal when we started working together was to lose weight because we had a wedding to attend. I did lose the weight (and have been able to keep it off), but I got so much more out of our time together than just a body that I love. I love myself and my life—and I think everyone around me likes me a little better for that.

Ellen K. 41 - Netherlands

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[Mascha] knew exactly when I was feeling down or ready to give up. She was understanding, patient, and a great listener. She never failed to give me a little boost and to help me see the little wins, which were hardly ever related to the number on the scale. She encouraged me to not give up so I would never have to “start over again”. I’m so happy I listened to her. No more crazy diets for me ever again.

Dauphine R. 46, Belgium

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Mascha whipped me into shape...By teaching me how to make tiny little changes to my daily diet and habits, I got incredible results. It’s been a couple of years since we worked together, but I am forever grateful for the things she taught me.

Anouk H. 49 - Spain



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[Mascha] is one big ball of energy and smiles. She made those super intense workouts fun— still a little painful, but fun. She never failed to send me off feeling amazing and ready to take on the day.

Sarah M. 39 - New York, USA

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